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Twig Embody Clip

TWIG EMBODY CLIP Twig Embody is a professional 3G / GSM / GNSS * personal alarm device designed to meet the security needs of isolated workers and also for the safety of people, Twig Embody is a highly professional product with ManDown ++ "Man to Ground ”, Amber Alert function“ area signaling with no GSM signal ”, Rip alarm function with lanyard around the neck, Sos button, two-way audio communication with good quality audio, OLED display with symbols. Twig Embody Ben is suitable for many isolated workers including all road hauliers, sales agents, representatives and other staff who travel by car alone, vans, scooters, trucks, and other means of transport, the device automatically sends an alarm in in case of non-movement, fainting, fall or impact, when the alarm is activated, the device can also send the last GPS position detected for a quick identification of where the person is at the time of the event.
IP67 device therefore resistant to water and dust IEC 60529, shock resistant to 1 m IEC 60068-2-31.

Main functionalities:

• Manual alarm with the SOS button
• Automatic ManDown alarm (tilt angle or no movement)
• ManDown ++ (Four automatic alarms: device orientation and not movement, free fall or impact)
• Bidirectional 3G / GSM communication with speakers
• Status messages for the user and the device
• Interactive messages on the screen.
• Tracking with GPS / TWIG Beacon SRD
• 48-channel precise localization
• Geofence.

Technical features :
• IP 67
• Quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
• 5-band 3G (800/850/900/1900/2100 MHz)
• Integrated GSM, SRD and GPS antennas
• Operating temperature -20 ° C + 50 ° C
• Alarm tones
• Vibration for alarm.
• Weight 50 g. including battery.
• Twig Embody Clip Package Contents:
• TWIG Embody device with integrated battery
• Main charger with adapters
• Quick use guide
• Brochure on software and services
• Clip that can be attached to the belt

12 month guarantee.

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Twig Embody Clip

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