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VOIP SIP AD610 Audio Interface Tema

AD 610 TEMA Audio Interface VOIP SIP Voip 4W-POE Amplifier

SIP PoE 4W Audio Amplifier (2 + 2W) Multifunction Interface for PA Amplifiers
2 audio outputs including one to transformer transformer for amplifier, 1 relay, 1 input alarm,
2nd SIP call repeat call, "SIP Security Info Call" service from external contact
These modules, with extremely small dimensions of only 74x58x25mm, have features
Similar to the IP-SIP AD630 speaker set but allow direct power to be controlled
External speakers and passive speakers, essentially transform any passive speaker
(Hearing Aid, Trumpet, Diffuser, etc.) in an IP SIP Speaker, in a simple and fast way. All the
Modules are equipped with PoE 803.af compatible internal power supply and can therefore be
Directly powered by the LAN connection cable from a PoE switch. In absence of
PoE power can connect an external power supply, the two power supplies (from PoE and from
External power supply) can coexist. The modules are liable to be used in range of
Industrial temperatures and in difficult and noisy environments, suitable for DIN rail mounting
Special accessory. Modules are ready for Pabx SIP VoIP connection or in
P2P (Peer to Peer) mode without PBX. Imagery is accessible from any network-enabled phone
Internal than from Smartphone / Tablet and PC with APPs and free software provided.
NOTE: The modules are designed to fit in cabinets or other protected containers.

€323,30IVA Inc

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VOIP SIP AD610 Audio Interface Tema

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