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Telefono GSM Teltonika

Integrated GSM Teltonika DPH 301 ideal for temporary offices, fairs, construction sites, boats, homes, travel.
The table base (wall) Teltonika GSM is an innovative solution to make available the convenience of a landline phone but using the GSM network by simply inserting a GSM SIM card to be inserted directly into the phone, ideal for temporary offices, construction sites , fairs, craft, housing or any other environment where it is not available on traditional phone line or you do not want to bear the fixed costs of this type of line.

Main characteristics :

  • GSM Phone Dual Band 900/1800 Mhz.
  • Large LCD display 65 x 37 mm.
  • Housing for GSM Sim.
  • Local display GSM operator.
  • Local display GSM signal.
  • display of date or time display.
  • menu button.
  • Sending and receiving SMS.
  •  DTMF transmission.
  •  Volume control.
  •  Memory function for the last 10 dialed calls.
  •  Memory function for the last 10 calls received.
  •  Phonebook.
  •  Dimensions: 220 X 120 mm X 65 mm.
  •  Weight about 920 g.
  •  Color: Dark gray.

€195,08IVA Inc

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Telefono GSM Teltonika

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