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[Snom320 Sip]

Snom 320 Sip

Snom 320 SIP IP Phone Regenerated Warranty 12 months

Ideal for the office and for those who intensively use the phone, the snom 320 and 'a business SIP powerful but affordable for everyone with full duplex speakerphone and integrated three integrated conference.
A 2 x 24 semi-graphic LCD display and an interface driven by 'menus allow easy management of all features, even the most' advanced.

Main features:

• reclining semi-graphic display 2 x 24 characters
• 37 keys, 12 programmable keys with LEDs (54 with expansion module)
• Caller ID
• LED message waiting indication
• Phone book (100 entries)
• Speed ​​Dial
• Local Dial Plan
• Identification number
• List of missed, received and made (100 entries each)
• Call Waiting Indication
• Clock, daylight saving, call timer
• Call Block (rejection list)
• Block anonymous calls
• Management of up to 12 simultaneous calls
• User-driven interface from the menu '
• Ring tone selection, import of individual ringtones
• Support URL Composition
• Do not disturb
• Base adjustable in two positions
• National language support for selected languages ​​(NLS)
• Speakerphone (full duplex)
• Auto Answer mode
• Key lock

• Power supply not included

€108,58IVA Inc

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Snom 320 Sip

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