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SL2100 NEC Main Cabinet
NEC SL2100 main / expansion cabinet / NEC SL2100 Hybrid IP and a very advanced and flexible scalable phone system, only the motherboard, CPU and optional digital and analogue or hybrid indoor cards as well as line cards are included in the basic cabinet urban analogs or ISDN BRI or ISDN PRI primary accesses are all insertable on the basis of the specific needs of the customer who will then only buy the precise hardware necessary to meet their needs, so with this logic it is possible to realize significant savings. The main cabinet includes 5 slots (seats), one of which is dedicated to the CPU / VOIP card and expansion card for connecting 2 additional cabinets. The system can be expanded with additional cabinets and option cards to reach the maximum capacity of more than 230 extensions. NEC SL2100 integrates a simplified messaging system that allows you to record from up to 100 messages that can be associated to the automatic operator or to the recording of a single waiting track from your NEC dedicated telephone (or optional loading of professional files).

Possibility of wall or rack mounting 19 "(requires optional 19" Rack bracket)

Dimensions: 330mm x 435mm x 93mm
Maximum capacities:

• Number of total external lines: 126
• N.36 Analog external lines
• N.48 ISDN BRI digital external lines
• N. 3 primary access 90 ISDN BRI lines
• N.64 external lines IP sip

• Total number of extensions: 128
• N.72 Digital interior (*)
• N.96 Analogue BCA Interior
• N.112 IP internal telephones

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SL2100 NEC Main Cabinet

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