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IP SIP POE AD 635 Tema


IP SIP 12W Wall Speaker, PoE Integrated Power Supply, 802.af, 12-24Vdc External Power Input, 10W Amplifier, Second Speaker Output 8 Ohm, Microphone, 2 Internal Relay, 180Hz-16,000Hz Response,

Main features:

These Ip lan sound amplification solutions are tested with the most popular PBX brands such as Alcatel, Samsung, Siemens, Panasonic, Avaya, Nec, LG, Wildix, Selta, Nitsuko, AAstra, Ascom, Philips, 3CX, Asterix

• PA voice announcements from each phone by calling the SIP account of the IP loudspeaker

• Possibility to assign a keyboard security key to start the announcement
• 2nd SIP account call repeater feature, customizable file sounds
• Output for 2nd Passive Speaker 20W 8 Ohm to extend the serving area
• Double 2x20W internal audio amplifier (maximum power output)
• PoE (Power over Ethernet) standard 802.af, only one connection cable
• 2 Internal relays for LAN drives of other external devices (Lights, sirens, ...)
• 5 Multicast channels for background music diffusion, silenced by ads
• Separately adjustable volume for multicast / announcement / ringtone audio channels
• Indoor listening environment microphone (Monitor) and Audio feature feedback
• 1 external contact alarm input for one of the following alternative functions:
• a) Generates a phone call, sends a SIP Security Info Call
• b) Launch announcements pre-recorded by the speaker (Notice / Dissuasion)
• c) "Push to Talk" function for voice communication controlled by a local button
• d) Internal door opener
• 1 Input for external button of normal telephone call to programmable interiors
• Operation in P2P (Peer to Peer) LAN even without switchboard
• Remote programming via LAN through the integrated Web Server interface
• Compatible with all SIP IP-PBX switchboards on the market

• Size. 218x216x120mm

€424,32IVA Inc

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IP SIP POE AD 635 Tema

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