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[Btk880 201b]

A Phone Saiet Office 201 binaural headset Tk880

Phone Saiet Office 201 with telephone headset Professional binaural Tk880 Nc noise canceling.

This Bundle combines two products with good quality and performance, the headset can be distinguished for good quality 'of materials, durability, excellent acoustic, noise canceling NC, maximum audio performance in combination with Office 201 multifunction phone that has Saiet a modern design and many useful features for professional use, including connection cable coiled phone / headset.

Main characteristics :

n Microphone Noise-canceling.

n Hearing protection.

n light product less than 85 g.

n Frequency response 3hz to 300hz.

n High comfort.

n High quality materials.

n noise reduction.

n Easy connection.

n Numerous accessories available (Optional)

Telephone BCA Office 201 Saiet white

Telephone BCA multifunctional speakerphone, headphone jack, caller ID without batteries. (Eco - No batteries)

The telephone bca Office requires no power and batteries while having the caller ID function (Cid)

It has a large 3-line display, Handsfree with volume control, Phonebook up to 99 names, 10 keys for direct memories, volume adjustable reception, 10 programmable speed dial numbers, socket key and release called headset jack, mute button, and adjusting volume headphone listening.

The multiple functions and services available make the Office phone suitable for use in "Business" rooms where you search for a cheap phone, but without compromising on quality, design, useful services to make communications more practical.

 Main characteristics

n Display with 3 lines.

n Display of the call duration.

n date and time display.

n Display of the caller name if stored in the phonebook.

n Handsfree with volume control.

n Phonebook up to 99 names.

n 10 keys for direct memories.

n Volume adjustable reception.

n 10 programmable speed-dial numbers.

n Viewing and repetition of the last 15 numbers dialed.

n List (Cid) of the last 50 calls received.

n Display of the caller name if stored in the phonebook.

n Ringtone: 4 different selectable ringtones.

n adjustable ringer volume (4 levels + off).

n MUTE button to temporarily mute.

n R button for access to telephone operator services.

n Multi-language menu.

n Headphone jack.



€101,26IVA Inc

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A Phone Saiet Office 201 binaural headset Tk880

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