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[PBX18 1-201]

Pbx 1/8 switchboard and Office 201 telephone

Pbx Switchboard 108 + 1 telephone Bca Multifunction Office 201

Mini telephone switchboard easy to install, functional and useful for small businesses, homes, small offices, laboratories; The PBX manages 1 analog telephone line (TIM fiber line) and 8 maximum extensions to which normal Bca or Cordless telephones can be combined (wireless telephones). Internal synthesized music waiting
This mini switchboard can also be used without a fixed telephone line by alternatively combining an analogue GSM / UMTS telephone interface (opt).
NB It is also possible to carry out a basic programming of the control unit at our technical laboratory before shipment of goods. (Optional on request to ask by contacting us at 02-9529214 or request a custom quote for bundles or configurations on request by filling out the form on the home page "Customized estimate"). The product is accompanied by a Programming manual in Italian.
Main characteristics :

• Switchboard programmable from a standard DTMF tone BCA telephone.
• Practical Plug Rj11 connection.
• 1 analog urban line.
• 8 analog extensions.
• Caller Id. Caller display - on extensions that play No on message (Disa)
• System Pwd.
• Welcome Ogm message.
• Answer for absent.
• External line reservation.
• Configurable Flash time to adapt to Bca at different times.
• Call to all extensions.
• Emergency line in the event of a blackout.
• Do not disturb.
• Memory protection in the event of a blackout.
• Automatic operator mode.
• Internal direct selection on activated disa.
• Conference of three (1 internal line 2)
• Music synthesized on hold.
• Call restriction classes.
• Dimensions in cm: L 21 X L 15 X P 5.

Telephone Bca Office 201 Saiet black color

Multifunctional telephone Handsfree, headphone socket, caller ID without batteries.

(Eco - No batteries)

The bca Office phone does not need power and batteries while having the caller ID (Cid) function

It has a large 3-line display, speakerphone with volume control, phone book with up to 99 names, 10 keys for direct memories, adjustable reception volume, 10 programmable numbers in abbreviated selection, headphone socket.

The many functions and services available make the Office phone suitable for use in "Business" environments where you look for a cheap phone, but without sacrificing good quality, design, useful services to make communications more practical.
Main characteristics

• 3-line display.
• Call duration display.
• Display date and time.
• Display of the caller's name if present in the phone book.
• Handsfree with volume control.
• Phonebook up to 99 names.
• 10 keys for direct memories.
• Adjustable reception volume.
• 10 numbers programmable in abbreviated selection.
• Display and repeat of the last 15 numbers selected.
• List (Cid) of the last 50 calls received.
• Display of the caller's name if present in the phone book.
• Ringtone: 4 different settable ringtones.
• Adjustable ring volume (4 levels + off).
• MUTE button for temporary microphone exclusion.
• R key for access to the operator's telephone services.
• Multilingual menu.
• Headphone socket.

12 Months warranty

€190,32IVA Inc

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Pbx 1/8 switchboard and Office 201 telephone

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