Monaural telephone headset for Ip Maxwell telephone

TK800 Monoaural Telephone Headset for Maxwell 3 Gigaset Pro IP phone + 1 headset / telephone adapter cable. This Monoaural Professional telephone headset is a great solution for those who want a good quality headset at a very advantageous price in this bundle supplied with 1 adapter cable specific for the Maxwell phones of the series indicated below, an excellent sound quality guaranteed from noise canceling microphone, noise reduction, noise protection; a modern design and a robust but at the same time lightweight (less than 70 g) headset body, to the benefit of users' comfort; This Monoaural version is recommended for call centers, office environments. Supplied in Bundle with 1 adapter cable for direct connection to the IP phone manufacturer Gigaset Pro: models, Maxwell Basic, Maxwell 2 Maxwell 3
Main characteristics :

  •  Noise canceling microphone.
  •  Acoustic protection.
  •  Light product less than 70 g.
  •  Wideband.
  •  High comfort.
  •  High quality of materials.
  •  Noise reduction.
  •  Easy connection.
  •  Numerous accessories available (amplifiers, headset / handset selector, various accessories)

24 Months warranty.

€73,08IVA Inc

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Monaural telephone headset for Ip Maxwell telephone

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