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Konftel 300Wx + IP DECT 10_1

KONFTEL IP DECT 10 AND KONFTEL 300WX offer the following benefits: The freedom of wireless connectivity combined with superior audio quality. These are the benefits of Konftel 300Wx when connected to IP telephony with HD audiovia Konftel IP DECT 10. The solution supports Voice Over IP HD HD audio produces a more natural voice tone than traditional voice calls. It detects the tones and nuances of the voice, making the conversation more fluid. Konftel's proprietary OmniSound Audio Conferencing Phone Use powerful HD audio quality Now you can transfer HD calls to IP telephony in wireless audio conferencing. Konftel's DECT base station, IP DECT 10, is connected via SIP and can have up to 20 Konftel 300Wx enabled HD enabled on it, for five simultaneous calls. ® Easy registration, Konftel 300Wx can be configured with the DECT base stations DECT supplied by third party manufacturers and supported by Konftel. However, Konftel IP DECT 10 offers some exclusive benefits and simplifies initial configuration. Consider the need to have a firmware version 1.9.3 or later.

€894,26IVA Inc

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Konftel 300Wx + IP DECT 10

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