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Gigaset DL 500A +2 C570H Pro

The Gigaset DL500A wireless switchboard and a small pabx equipped1 analogue urban line and up to 6 cordless dect-gap terminals, innovative and very interesting features suitable for small offices, homes, shops where you need to use a communication system with minimum investment; equipped with a large 3.5 graphic TFT display, illuminated, 65K colors (320 x 240 pixels - 7 lines), and managed by a new generation processor, equipped with a very high speed of reaction for quality images; management of up to 1 traditional analogue urban line 1 dedicated main landline telephone and up to 6 additional Gigaset handsets among compatible ones (Gigaset C 570H PRO, SL400H, SL78H, S79H, E49H, C59H, C610H, C620H)

The "base" desk phone is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to receive calls sent to your Bluetooth mobile phone directly on the DL500A switchboard therefore when you arrive in your office / home / shop, etc the switchboard recognizes your cellular phone with activated the Bluetooth function so you can store your Vs.cellullare (activated) and answer from the switchboard. The switchboard has a phone book: 500 v-card contacts (1500 numbers) with 7 contact data (3 numbers, name, surname, e-mail, photos, etc.) DL500A and 1 Ethernet socket to which, via the PC, and it is possible to access a series of useful services such as news, weather forecasts, etc. Full-duplex speakerphone with the very high quality Gigaset HSP via sound reflex sound box. Bluetooth: Headset (HSP), Handsfree (HFP) and Serial (SPP) profiles supported. 1 digital answering machine that allows you to record up to 55 minutes of messages.

Main technical features:

• Switchboard for 01 Analogue line (PSTN) or analog line derived from Fiber router - 1 Fixed base phone - up to 6 Gigaset Gap handsets.

• Intercommunicating function between interiors.
• Indoor / outdoor flow rate from 50 to 300 meters. range expandable via Giga Repeater. (max 6)
• 1 Ethernet connection (NB! Does not manage Voip).
• Cellular assimilation to the switchboard for call management (via Bluetooth).
• Digital answering machine (up to 55 minutes of messages).
• Full-duplex speakerphone (Gigaset HSP quality through sound reflex sound box).
• 500 contacts address book.
• Caller ID. (NB if you activate who is the operator).
• Graphic 3.5 TFT display, illuminated, 65K colors (320 x 240 pixels - 7 lines).
• Calendar can be set up to 30 events / reminders / appointments.
• Alarm with snooze: Daily / Weekly.
• "Do not Disturb" service (The telephone does not ring in the chosen time slot unless the calls come from people to whom you want to answer (ie important customers, relatives, friends), for other calls will only be reported visually.
• Dimensions mm. Gigaset DL500A Base phone 108 (h) x 263 x 200.
• Weight g.870. with food included.

Gigaset C570 H PRO Dect Gap cordless digital terminal

Main features:
• Large TFT (2.2 ") color display with a modern user interface
• Telephone directory for up to 200 names with 3 phone numbers each
• High quality design and finish
• (including IP40 protection)
• Large keys on the laptop
• Autonomous recharge

The Gigaset C570H pro cordless phone is the perfect combination of design, ergonomics and technology. The modern design, the materials and the ergonomic shape are designed specifically for hours of conversation without getting tired. The cutting-edge technology adapts to innovations in the field of telephony made in recent years. With its elegant and subtle appearance, optimal acoustic performance combined with exceptional voice quality even in handsfree mode, sharing phone calls becomes a pleasure. The practicality of the Gigaset C570H makes it easy to consult through the large TFT display with excellent readability, offers many useful functions: six symbols for the main menu, Jumbo mode for extra-large numbers on the display, date icons, time and battery. Combined with the widely-spaced illuminated keys, the Gigaset C570H pro becomes a very intuitive and practical cordless. Customize your sound The C570H pro laptop can be adapted to your personal needs with personalized ringtones, photos and screen savers. The caller will be identified by the image and the ringtone will be associated with his identity by choosing among the available ones. Multicella with roaming and handover The C570H pro is fully integrable with both single and multi-core Gigaset pro systems. Moving in and around the office during the call will be a unique experience. You will enjoy the highest quality and an enviable comfort. What you always expect from Gigaset pro products. You continue to speak, while the Gigaset pro base stations allow you to keep

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Gigaset DL 500A +2 C570H Pro

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