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[TK 609B]

Economical biaural professional headset

Professional Binaural headset for professional use designed for professional use in the office environment and in call centers, where it is appreciated for its strength and resistance, it completes the characteristics of the microphone with wideband audio quality and the connection cable with QD connector which makes this versatile headset to be used on smartphones, mobile phones, ipads as well as computers and fixed telephones using appropriate adapter cables (optional).

Main features:
• Head-mounted Mono-auricular version
• Lightweight design
• Cushion in leatherette or foam
• Dynamic sound quality of the receiver speaker
• Wideband frequency management (wide band audio-HD)
• Directional noise canceling microphone
• Anti-shock acoustic circuit
• 330 ° rotating microphone arm
• 180 ° swivel joint of loudspeaker and headband
• Adjustable 60 mm flexible steel band
• Quick Disconnect (QD) to leave the desk without removing the headset
• Compatibility with 90% of telephones on the market

It is supplied without cord cord (optional) to be requested according to the model of telephone

24 month warranty

€45,75IVA Inc

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Economical biaural professional headset

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