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DP4801 EX ATEX radio transmitter

MOTOROLA DP4801 VHF ATEX TRANSCEIVER, MOD. EX 136-174 VHF band - With Display and keyboard. Motorola DP400EX series transceivers meet the DMR ETSI standard and are compliant with the MIL-STD-810 military standard, they are the specific solution to communicate more clearly in Atex environments, in some contexts the lack of Gsm signal, low signal, areas screens or for other specific reasons and criticalities, open the way to Professional transceivers certified for Atex environments, these devices are useful but indispensable tools for the safety of workers who work daily in environments that may contain explosive gases and combustible dusts, or in any case for all areas where safety is top priority.

Technical features

• Color display and keyboard
• 1000 channels
• VHF 109AB-99FT3089
• Power 1 W
• 5 programmable buttons
• Intelligent Audio for integrated audio of superior quality®
• Rsm Impres microphone with anti-wind filter
• Orange raised emergency button
• IP67 standard to withstand dust and water, up to 1 m in water for 30 min
• Voice Announcement Channel
• Automatic suppression of ambient noise
• Isolated worker
• Size 138.5 x 56.7 x 37.8 mm
• Weight 482.5 g
• 12 months warranty

Atex protections in environments with the presence of dust:

ATEX: Class II 2D Ex ib, IIIC T130ºC Db - IECEx: Ex ib IIIC, T130ºC Db.

Atex protections in environments with the presence of gas:

ATEX: Class II 2G Ex ib, IIC T4 Gb - IECEx: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb.

Atex protections for mining environments:

ATEX: Class I M2 Ex, ib I Mb - IECEx: Ex ib I Mb.

NB Some radio devices are subject to registration / authorization, payment of an annual fee by the user.

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DP4801 EX ATEX radio transmitter

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