Door phone 4 buttons and AA-505 keypad for telephones

Door phone with 4 buttons and numeric keypad AA-505. Cito-intercomunicating telephone with a modern and refined design, in frosted aluminum, resistant to atmospheric agents with internal anti-humidity heating. The Citotelephonic devices allow the telephone call and the hands-free conversation from an external unit (Citotelephonic external unit) to an internal telephone, or a group of extensions. The door phone is connected to an analogue extension of the telephone system, or you can 'connect on an analog telephone line (PSTN) or GSM interface that simulates an urban line. The internal user can activate one or two door open relays by dialing DTMF numeric codes from the keypad of his phone. The electronic boards are protected against dust and humidity by means of special "Conformal Coating" paint to achieve a stable operation over time. The systems are suitable for wall and flush mounting, indoor and outdoor versions, anti vandal, with buttons or telephone keypad, models with color camera and LED lighting. The special anti-tamper-proof front screws guarantee a high level of security.

Main features:

• Call buttons: 4 aluminum buttons + keyboard
• Degree of protection: IP54 (system correctly installed)
• Closure: 2 anti-burglary steel screws
• Label holder: LED backlit
• Heating circuit: electronic, internal
• Operating modes: Day / Night
• Speed ​​Dial: up to 800 numbers
• Duration of recorded messages: 16sec std (16 minutes option)
• Audio: 1.3W + other external speaker 1.3W-8 Ohm
• Autorisposta: programmable time
• Line disconnection: with retraction tone
• Communication: Hands-free hands-free voice
• Power supply (communication only): from telephone line
• External power supply (Opt.): AA-39AL 220Vac / 12Vac-1,5A
• Absorption: max 1,4A
• Telephone line voltage: 24-72 Vdc
• Call voltage (Ring): from 20V to 120Vrms
• Digit composition: DTMF and pulses
• Audio bandwidth: 300 - 3400Hz
• Audio acoustic pressure: 89dB (1KHz to 1 meter)
• Microphone: omnidirectional electret for max distance 8 mt
• Programming: DTMF tones with password
• Capacity of 2 internal door release relays: max 30Vdc - 1.5A
• Container material: satin aluminum with ABS inserts
• Operating temperature: from -20 ° to + 55 ° C
• Storage temperature: from -20 ° to + 65 ° C
• Installation: wall-mounted
• External dimensions: L101xH247xP45mm
• Weight: 600 gr

24 month warranty

€523,38IVA Inc

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Door phone 4 buttons and AA-505 keypad for telephones

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