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Man on the ground protection device for isolated workers Neosguard Plus Vers 4.0 Neosguard plus is a new personal safety device entirely designed and built in Italy, of small size, light, indispensable to meet the safety needs of isolated workers in compliance with the dl .gs 81 of 9 April 2008 better known as the Consolidated Safety Act, according to this legislation the employer must adopt adequate measures to protect the Health and Safety of the isolated workers (both within their company both in cases and these operate externally; The employer has the obligation to provide isolated workers with communication systems suitable for the environments in which they operate and with the integrated Man Down function, keeping them in good operating and maintenance conditions under the full responsibility of the owner or Rspp

This device is also useful for meeting the safety needs of older people, people with memory problems, children, lone hikers and much more.

Main functions:
  • • Remote assistance at the push of an SOS button.
  • • Man Down function in automatic.
  • • SMS alert function when the battery is running low.
  • • Location and Tracking function.
  • • Hands-free conversation function with the device in case of alarm reception with the possibility of calling the device that sent the call. (the Gsm SIM must be inserted and activated)
  • • Weight of only 85 g.
  • • GSM Quad-band 900/1800 Mhz, 850/1900 integrated module.
  • • Multi-GNSS system: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and OZSS
  • • 50 channel GPS receiver with sensitivity -160dBM.
  •  Internal memory: 256 MB.
  • • Sending data via GPRS (TCP / IP and UDP / IP network protocols)
  • • 5 programmable keys.
  • • Integrated antenna.
  • • Micro USB.
  • • Ultra Low-power 3 Axis motion sensors for detection
  • • 3 LEDs indicating operating status.
  • • Remote control via SMS.
  • • Housing for GSM Micro Sim
  • • Dimensions in mm: 98 X54X24.
  • • Recommended operating temperature from 0 ° to 50 ° C.
  • • General operating temperature from -20 ° to 60 ° C.

NB On request (optional) it is possible to send the device configured for specific needs.

Tekno is the exclusive distributor of the product for Lombardy, for further information and requests for a quotation for quantity, we are at your disposal at 02-9529214

Accessories included with the NeosGuard device

• 1 leatherette case to wear the device on the belt
• 1 drawstring to wear the device around the neck.
• 1 Usb cable.
• 1 wall charger.
• 1 Mini screwdriver.
• 1 Screw for closing the battery cover.
• 1 Instructions in Italian.
Per questo prodotto la spedizione è GRATIS !

€303,78IVA Inc

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Device Man isolated on the ground workers

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