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[KX-TGP 600]

Centralino Voip cordless KX-TGP 600

Panasonic KX-TGP 600 Switchboard 8 lines Voip Dect terminal 1 Max 8 DECT terminals

The KX-TGP600 is a small DECT cordless PBX with VoIP trunks very simple to install and configure. Thanks to its provisioning function will allow you to have different configurations and manage the various additional receivers. You can choose between two methods of maintaining: local management with a base unit or management through a service provider.
You can connect up to 7 additional receivers such as cordless DECT among those compatible add-KX-60 standard TPA Cordless (like the one supplied), KX-UDT 121 Cordless Ultra-thin, KX-131 Cordless UDT-resistant IP65, or the phone from wireless desk KX -TPA 65

The system provides simultaneous connection of 8 external SIP lines: in this way the incoming and outgoing communications provide better customer service, while the cost and management of various external lines you will have 'a significant savings. Similarly, the system will allow you to have up to a maximum of eight different telephone numbers.

The receiver covers an area of ​​300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors, depending on environment. To expand service coverage, and can connect an optional repeater KX-A406, which allows you to broaden communication up to 200 m in interior spaces.

The TGP600 model has a noise reduction function that improves the surrounding in this way the clarity of call with the touch of a button. Also, the KX-TGP600 automatically adjusts the earpiece volume to an optimum level for the user who moves from a quiet place at a noisy place.

Main features:

• Supports up to 8 additional receivers DECT and simultaneous external lines• Compatible with VoIP
• LCD color screen 1.8 ''
• Noise reduction
• Eco Mode
• Compatible with a series of Panasonic receivers to increase the flow rate
• Callback Option
• three-way Conference
• Distinctive Ringtones
• Anonymous Call Rejection.

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Centralino Voip cordless KX-TGP 600

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