Centralino Office serv SOHO + 2 cordless WIP-5000M +1 repetitore

Cordless Phone PBX OfficeServ SOHO + 2 Wi-fi cordless WIP-5000M + Wi-Fi Signal Booster

Telephone cordless PBX Samsung OfficeServ SOHO is a product that is well suited for integrated communications of small firms, companies, shops and other small working realities, also for temporary offices or fairs, however in those cases you prefer to opt for a solution Wireless for their business communications.

The Samsung OfficeServ Soho system works with Wi-fi therefore in order not to meet critical technology is advisable to evaluate the surfaces to copriere (based on distance and barriers to overcome the flow rates are variable, however increased with the purchase of signal repeaters optional, detachable up to an additional 4 signal repeaters over the first present in the package already configured factory) and if the environment of the interior there are other Wi-fi solutions, it is not recommended installation nearby.

The OfficeServ SOHO system has a maximum capacity of 2 outside lines (2 analog trunk lines with 1 line that allows the emergency power function (power failure transfer) on the A / B), and 8 + 1 internal (digital extensions for phones dedicated Wip 5000M, analog) in particular: N 1 Internal telephone corresponding to the base of the system Up to 8 WIP-5000M recordable terminals on the basis of 1 N port a / B for the installation of an analog telephone or a fax.

A salient and unique functionality of this PBX Cordless is the possibility to program an initial menu "commonly called Opertaore function Automatic" to register at their own directly from the handset of the type: Ex PBX based Soho. You are connected to the company "White Service" press one to speak with the sales office 2 to talk to the administration, 3 for the purchasing department, etc. etc.

Given the multiple functions also advanced this system to get the full manual functions you can send an e-mail request full documentation of corporate Vs.dati and name of the person who makes the request to: commerciale@teknotlc.it. You will be promptly sent to all the detailed product documentation.

Technology: The memory component is constituted by a flash memory to 16MB and 64MB SDRAM.

The design of the system consists of a telephone base
with Large display that combines the functionality of:

Multifunction digital telephone terminal that allows the connection of:
N 01 PC wired, typically for programming and / or maintenance functions
N 01 Analog Terminal (BCA) or fax
Access Point integrated IEEE 802.11g standard that allows recording of:
N 08 Terminals Wi-fi WIP-5000M who register to the Access Point built at the base.
Connection Network

data cable UTP twisted pair category 5 to connect the PC2 wires for connecting analog derivatives (BCA or fax) to port A / bThe cable twisted pair UTP Category 5 data for connecting the PC

 OfficeServ SOHO is a self-configuring system, when you first turn the user is followed during the start-up from a "Setup Wizard" that appears on the display of the system's base.
At first power numbers are assigned by default to internal and connected lines.
The system can be programmed by the Base or PC through WEB BASED interface.

Package in this offer: Qt. 01 Switchboard Samsung Wi-Fi Soho + Qt 01 Cordless Wi-Fi Wip 5000M + Qt 01 Signal Repeater Wi-Fi pre-programmed factory.

Dimensions: height 163 mm width 274 mm depth '167 mm

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Centralino Office serv SOHO + 2 cordless WIP-5000M +1 repetitore

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