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[Nova 8]

Centrale Antifurto Nova 8

Central Alarm Professional Sudel NOVA 8.

The central alarm Professional Sudel Nova 8 for management of three areas - 8 inputs (optional expansion up to 16), includes advanced features, reliability, 'simplicity' of installation, convenience ', "Made in Italy" project with a philosophy that allows the increase of various services and controls across a wide range of accessories (optional); Product ideal for installation in environments such as stores, workshops, offices, storage, housing, etc.

Manufacturer Warranty 5 years.

Main technical info

  •     electronic key to integrated and serial self-learning 485.
  •     GSM communicator (Nova optional C-GSM).
  •     24h balanced input or nc (sabotage).
  •     Input for external key or remote control.
  •     Free exchange alarm, internal siren output, self-powered siren output.
  •     1 open collector output and 1 relay 'programmable, 3 relays' programmable buzzer with (S 2084 optional card).
  •     Enabling / exclusion of individual lines.
  •     Mode 'inputs: immediate, delayed, anti-sabotage, anti-robbery, fast.
  •     Association Input / areas, counting alarms on every line, emergency stop.
  •     Programming outputs associated to different events, output system status (on / off).
  •     Possibility 'of plant management with keyboard.
  •     Power supply 13.8V - 2.6A.
  •     Dimensions: L220 p90 h300 mm.
  •     Manufacturer Warranty 5 years.


€256,20IVA Inc

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Centrale Antifurto Nova 8

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