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1-button GSM intercom

Professional GSM intercom 1 button / 2 relay for commands.This GSM intercom is the professional and economical solution for all those companies that without demanding system construction costs wish to be able to manage their intercom on site but also remotely, ideal for temporary construction sites. Warehouses, Deposits manned or not, Villas, Second homes, Pharmacies on duty, Parking lots, Seasonal hotels, Bad & Breakfast and many other activities, connects your entrances safely and can be installed without laying cables, it requires only the power supply to connect to its own optional power supply; IP44 protection degree, optional power supply and stainless steel roof.
When calling on 1 button of the Intercom on site it is possible to communicate with a remote or local user, up to 7 numbers can be reached sequentially, when busy it goes to the next number on another fixed or GSM telephone, who receives the call in addition to being able to respond, thanks to the management of 2 relays, if set up with other optional accessories such as electric locks, it can remotely open doors, gates, etc.
This GSM interphone can also be used as a remote control the call is accepted by numbers already authorized and saved on your SIM card, the remote opening of gates, doors, lights, more for authorized users only, moreover the automatic registration of numbers that have opened the door, creates a sort of access control and the list of numbers with date and time can be sent to a pre-programmed number with an SMS message.
This Intercom also has a built-in Lithium battery that provides 24-hour emergency operation.

  •     Supported temperatures: -20 to + 50 ° C - Humidity: 10% / 80% at 30 ° C         
  •     Dimensions: 208mm x 99mm x 30mm
  •     Power supply voltage: 9-24Vac / dc
  •     Power Supply Current: 2A
  •     Power supply Max power 24VA
  •     12 months warranty.

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1-button GSM intercom

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