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Biaural headset for Maxwell IP phone
Biaural Telephone Headset TK880 for Ip Maxwell 3 Gigaset Pro phone + 1 Gigaset Pro Maxwell series 3 headset / phone adapter cable. This Biaural Professional phone headset is a great solution for those who want a good quality headset at a really advantageous price in this bundle supplied with 1 adapter cable specific for the Maxwell phones of the series shown below, an excellent sound quality guaranteed by the Microphone a noise cancellation, noise reduction, noise protection; a modern design and a robust but at the same time lightweight (less than 85 g) headset body to the benefit of users' comfort; This Biaural version is recommended in the Call Center environment, office environments where there are several operators on the phone at the same time, noisy environments and wherever there is the need to concentrate on their conversations to the maximum. Supplied in Bundle with 1 adapter cable for the telephone connection of the IP phones of the Gigaset Pro manufacturer: models, Maxwel Basic, Maxwell 2 Maxwell 3

Main characteristics :

• Noise canceling microphone.
• Acoustic protection.
• Light product less than 85 g.
• Wideband.
• High comfort.
• High quality of materials.
• Noise reduction.
• Easy connection.
• Numerous accessories available (amplifiers, headset / handset selector, various accessories)
24 Months warranty.

€96,38IVA Inc

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Biaural headset for Maxwell IP phone

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