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Automatic answering machine T.ivr

T.IVR is a telephone answering machine with daytime, nighttime and emergency call (or holiday) automatic call operator with or without control of up to 30 numbers (up to 18 digits) programmable by the user, plus 1 daytime operator, 1 night and 1 internal fax Incoming selection with direct selection of desired extension automatic fax switch with fax tone recognition.

The system connects to an analogue extension of any PBX telephone / digital switchboard.

It has three operating states: day - night - emergency (or holiday) and each one is associated with a courtesy message.

The system is supplied with standard pre-recorded day / night messages. However, you have the ability to personalize messages by phone or personalize them with professional messaging; The recording duration of each message is programmable up to 60 sec.

A series of system voice messages, pre-recorded on the Rom memory, guide in sorting calls to the selected interiors and system programming.

It is easy to program and guided through a multi-frequency BCA telephone (DTMF). Local and remote programming and verification with the support of an online voice guidance.
• Password-protected programming.

• Adjust the amplitude, duration, and intercept of the DTMF tones generated by the system.
• Flash time programming for the call waiting.
• Programming the sequence and resuming the call waiting.
• Switching of welcome messages manually, locally or remotely, or automatically, via external timer (optional).
• Digital and independent adjustment of the 3 volumes of reproduction of welcome messages via programming.
• Digital Voice Sensor Adjustment.
• Programming number of message repetitions.
• Programming, for each key, up to 3 phone numbers (0 to 9).
• N ° 2 relays that can be activated locally and remotely.

€292,80IVA Inc

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Automatic answering machine T.ivr

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