Telephone system

General information on telephone exchanges

The telephone system is also called telephone exchanges, have always been an essential tool to try to convey a professional image to their customers that their business reach by phone; This need and well managed today by modern telephone exchanges that often integrate the ability to have automatic answering functions to incoming calls or functions "Automated Attendant" in managing any different compartments and in some cases even personal voice mail or system , the ability to upload files with personalized messaging and not professional, mixed with music list of songs available in the catalog allows you to accommodate customers with good taste and professionalism; All modern systems can be equipped with specific accessories for telephone expectations or any messages during the closures for vacations / holidays or breaks.

The telephone system is essential for the optimization of the external lines of any type it is, RTG (analog - PSTN - derived from equipment / router), digital ISDN BRI (commonly called the base Access) / ISDN PRI (commonly called primary access management from 15 up to 30 digital channels), IP SIP (commonly called VoIP SIP lines) derived from Interf.GSM-UMTS-Voip, to make savings on themselves and also for the simple communication between the various internal telephones located in different work environments of its business of any size it is also many modern phone systems can sometimes manage dedicated IP phones and not at remote locations for multi-site or remote telecommuting applications, integration of mobile Iphone, Soft Phone, and more, starting from the small office to get to the big trading company, production,, hotel or other professional economic activity;

The reasons underlying the choice of your PBX can be many, the product brand (Brand), the company or the plant engineer who proposes and makes installation and service (installer), the telephone operator that offers "all included" for fixed / mobile lines / virtual PBX and not - ADSL connection to the Internet ", in these cases it is very important to consider some aspects that being commercial proposal not often think and ask yourself these simple questions: technologies used to give me lines and services are stable and guaranteed in writing on the contract that is proposed to me? in case of failure of the lines in that time I have secured the services of restoration? access to technical assistance services in case of failure and quickly and easily as the contact the commercial sector? And actually positive in case of failure or any other technical / administrative unexpectedly have everything on a single operator? I spare concretely since I entrust "all my communications" to a single operator that I can not tangibly verify the work? If you encounter problems and are not satisfied with the service returns to the "first" would lead me in terms of any loss of phone numbers or return criticality on the old operator, inefficiency, criminal on the contract or changes on its infrastructure? I can take the time to assess whether other companies in my area have had positive or negative experiences with these new solutions and Operators?

Important to keep in mind if you want to center the right purchase solution are: Do not be tempted by very low prices of products without Brand, or sometimes by brands of producers have no significant past production of telephone exchanges in terms of sales at least the last 15-20 years. And finally, consider carefully the "then" for the following years with totally Voip PBX products Free Software, or in the Cloud and in any case solutions that will always be subject to continuous updates and interdependent operating systems which in turn are always changing and updating .

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