sector regulations

telephone installers with the abolition of the license under DM 314 is liberalizing the market for terminal equipment connected to the public network.


Installers of systems and telephone terminal equipment, information technology, installers of security systems with the final approval of the decree of making N 69/2013 were repealed two laws, in short it is the known Dm N 314 of 23 May 1992 refers to "Patentino telephone installers" and the decree N 198 of 26 October 2010 made it liberalises its market support installation of telephone and data terminals connected to the public network, giving artisans and professionals (engineers, surveyors Electronics, Computer Experts , Computer, etc), (electricians, installers of security, etc) the opportunity 'to build data networks, private branch exchanges, routers montages - Wi-Fi, video surveillance systems viewable from the internet world, and the installation of any other equipment voice / data connected to the public network without possessing "Patentino Ministerial" 1st - 2nd - 3rd grade.


Tekno 1994 actively operating in the telecommunications sector to offer its customers a basket of products and after-sales services that range of enterprise communication system, supply and installation of internal telephone systems, video surveillance and intrusion detection and security systems.
To provide an adequate service to the times and market demands has prepared a shop On-Line of products and accessories for hotels, businesses, offices, professionals, retailers, installers; The TeknoTlc mission is to offer a wide range of products of brand or generic Professional, offer free telephone counseling support to sales managed by professionals with proven experience in the sector, offering competitive prices reserved to the On-Line Channel, immediate availability for many articles and maximum speed in processing orders.
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Audioconferenza Konftel Ego
Audioconferenza Konftel Ego
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