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General burglar alarms and security systems


The alarm has as its primary function the protection and the protection of property 'private / public, the use may be in private residential area (home) or in the business (offices, shops, industrial warehouses, companies).

Among the many functionalities' primarily the intrusion function, Detection, Alarms, Alarm, obviously also has an objective deterrent benefit, because criminals prefer unprotected environments.

Types and components of car alarms: Alarm with wires, wireless Anti-Theft

In the composition of guard rows there is normally a basic unit to more 'lines (Nc or ​​unbalanced systems, sabotage etc ..) which are connected to the various sensors / detectors, a Rs485 Bus input for connecting electronic key readers or keyboards for management and configuration of the system, an output for external and / or internal sirens, an output to control a telephone dialer connected to the PSTN telephone line or GSM for alarm notification, also as additional features you have the chance 'to monitor Areas and manage the activation or deactivation of alarms and lines.

The same composition and 'also possible for wireless Burglar alarm systems, where the sensors or detectors, siren etc. ... are connected to the base unit via usually in a bidirectional radio technology and with a 128-bit encryption protocol which confers a good level of protection of the radio part.

An important prerequisite in the choice of a Alarm system, and always preferable to choose a wire burglar-alarm system to an anti-theft wireless (obviously if I have the chance 'to pass the cables) because despite the latest wireless technologies have reached a great degree of protection the fact remains that the connection of sensors / detectors and so on cable remains by far the most 'secure, because immune to jammers or radio frequency inhibitors (Jammer devices).

When choosing an anti-theft system is necessary to evaluate some important aspects: the choice of materials that comply with regulations on safety (IEC 79-2) for the products, and (CEI 79-3 -2012) addressing systems.

It is advisable to buy the brand products have the maximum guarantee of continuity 'in time, and not least the plant design in all its stages from the assessment of the risks of the areas that are to be protected, technical survey that will evaluate' the environmental factors and technical constraints in the phase of installation and the choice of technologies (control units, sensors, detectors, actuators etc. ..) and the components to be used for implantation, the testing the implementation and subsequent maintenance and management of the plant .

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