• VOIP SIP AD611 Audio Interface Tema

    AD 611 TEMA audio interface VOIP SIP VoIP Amplifier 10W-PoE Audio amplifier IP SIP PoE 10W (2x5W) and Multifunction Interface 2 audio outputs for passive speakers from 8 Ohm total 10W, 1 relay, 1 alarm input, 2nd SIP call repeat account Night, "SIP Security Info Call" service from external contact. [...]

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  • VOIP SIP AD610 Audio Interface Tema

    AD 610 TEMA Audio Interface VOIP SIP Voip 4W-POE Amplifier SIP PoE 4W Audio Amplifier (2 + 2W) Multifunction Interface for PA Amplifiers 2 audio outputs including one to transformer transformer for amplifier, 1 relay, 1 input alarm, 2nd SIP call repeat call, "SIP Security Info Call" service [...]

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  • Trumpet Ip Sip PoE 25w AD630 Tema

    AD 630 Tema IP SIP 25W Trumpet IP SIP 25W exponential trumpet, integrated PoE 802.af power supply, 12-24Vdc external power input, 40W internal amplifier (2x20W), output for second passive trumpet 8 Ohm, microphone, 2 internal relay, 300Hz-7KHz bandwidth, AD-600 / PA are SIP Speaker Systems and [...]

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  • IP SIP POE AD 633 Tema

    IP Sip Poe speaker AD 633 Tema Ceiling speaker IP SIP 12W, integrated PoE power supply, 802.af, External 12-24Vdc, 10W amplifier, output for second 8 Ohm passive speaker, microphone, 2 internal relays, response 80Hz-15,000Hz, Main characteristics: These Ip lan sound amplification solutions [...]

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  • IP SIP POE AD 635 Tema

    IP SIP POE AD 635 SUBJECT IP SIP 12W Wall Speaker, PoE Integrated Power Supply, 802.af, 12-24Vdc External Power Input, 10W Amplifier, Second Speaker Output 8 Ohm, Microphone, 2 Internal Relay, 180Hz-16,000Hz Response, Main features: These Ip lan sound amplification solutions are tested [...]

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  • [IP70H]


    by: Alcatel

    Alcatel IP70H Headset

    Alcatel IP70H Wireless Headset for DECT phones (GAP) The DECT GAP Alcatel IP70H wireless headset is recognized by the DECT phone or base as a portable device. It is compatible with all brands of DECT GAP phones, but is optimized to work with Alcatel DECT phones (IP1020 / IP2015) and the Alcatel [...]

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  • Konftel 300Wx + IP DECT 10

    KONFTEL IP DECT 10 AND KONFTEL 300WX offer the following benefits: The freedom of wireless connectivity combined with superior audio quality. These are the benefits of Konftel 300Wx when connected to IP telephony with HD audiovia Konftel IP DECT 10. The solution supports Voice Over IP HD HD audio [...]

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  • [IP DECT 10]


    by: Konftel

    Konftel Ip10 Dect

    Konftel IP DECT 10 Wireless Base Station 840102132 Konftel IP DECT 10 wireless base station (840102132) is connected via SIP and can have up to 20 HD-capable Konftel 300Wxs registered and five simultaneous calls. It is p

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  • A Telefono Saiet Office 201 con cuffia monoaurale Tk800

    Telefono Saiet Office 201 multifunzione con cuffia telefonica Professionale monoaurale Tk800 Nc a cancellazione di rumore. Questo Bundle unisce due prodotti di buona qualità e prestazioni, la cuffia

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  • Alcatel telefono temporis 780con cuffia cordless Cs 540A

    Telefono Bca Alcatel temporis 780 con alzatore automatico e cuffia Telefonica cordless Plantronics senza fili, Dect Serie CS540A, Convertibile (ad auricolare o con archetto sopra la nuca).

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  • Bundle 1-Centralino officeServ 7030  samsung

    Centralino Samsung OfficeServ 7030 in Bundle con 4 linee Urbane analogiche con CLI (identificativo del chiamante) Operatore Aut. + 4 Interni per collegare telefoni digitali + 2 Interni per collegare telefoni bca/cordless + 1 Telefono digitale DS 5007 Samsung Il centralin

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