• Terminale telefono Samsung DS 5038D Usato

    Terminale telefonico digitale DS-5038D Samsung usato, sanificato, collaudato e ricondizionato da Tekno.    Telefono proprietario digitale Samsung mod. DS 5038D usato, 

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  • Telefono Ip X1sp con cuffia biaurale NC

    X1SP Fanvil Sip IP phone with noise canceling binaural headset, this bundle is used in a call center and office business environment and can be used directly on IP Sip lines, or extension of IP extension on hardw

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  • Ip X1sp telephone with mono Nc headset

    IP Sip X1SP Fanvil telephone with noise canceling mono earphone, this bundle is used in the call center and office business environment and can be used directly on IP Sip lines, or extension of IP extension on hardware IP exchanges and IP exchanges Virtual even in the Cloud. It has:      [...]

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  • PA2 Audio-video kit

    Audio-video kit for ATMs, totems, parking columns Fanvil PA2 Kit This optional kit for the IP fanvil PA2 gateway allows the creation of an integrated audio video communication system on the IP network, or locally for automated counters, totems, columns, information boxes, unattended parking [...]

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    Fanvil PA2 Ip Sip compatible device, for call control, access control, ideal for activities equipped with audio amplification (people search, service messages), who wish to have remote control of their audio and video devices. This device solves the need of the company that has to manage audio [...]

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  • i-Safe IS170.2 Atex zone 2/22 telephone

    i.safe IS170.2 ATEX telephone zone 2/22 I.safe IS170.2 is a new Atex mobile phone for zones 2/22, it takes the place of the previous i-safe models for zone 2/22 mod.Challenger 2.0 or i-Safe IS310.2 products out of production. This new phone fully satisfies the needs of those who need simple [...]

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  • [i.Safe IS530]


    by: i.safe mobile

    Smartphone ATEX i.Safe IS530.1

    I.safe IS530.1 smartphone ATEX zone 1/21 I.safe IS530.1 is the latest smartphone model produced by I.safe mobile which takes the place of the previous I.safe IS520.1 model. This new smartphone is equipped with the latest generation features and technologies, therefore ideal for professional and [...]

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  • Fanvil IW-SA30 Speaker SIP

    Fanvil IW-SA30 SIP speaker Fanvil IP speaker IW-SA30 is a professional product designed to allow the diffusion of audio in companies, offices, commercial premises, stations, car parks, B & Bs, hotels, schools, shopping centers, gyms and many other businesses. Fanvil standard SIP speaker with 2 [...]

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  • A Phone Saiet Office 201 binaural headset Tk880

    Phone Saiet Office 201 with telephone headset Professional binaural Tk880 Nc noise canceling. This Bundle combines two products with good quality and performance, the headset can be distinguished for good quality 'of materials, durability, excellent acoustic, noise canceling NC, maximum audio [...]

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  • Alcatel telefono temporis 780con cuffia cordless Cs 540A

    Telefono Bca Alcatel temporis 780 con alzatore automatico e cuffia Telefonica cordless Plantronics senza fili, Dect Serie CS540A, Convertibile (ad auricolare o con archetto sopra la nuca).

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  • [KonftelEgo]


    by: Konftel

    Audioconferenza Konftel Ego

    Konftel Ego and 'the new hands-free device for personal audio conference can be used on fixed and portable devices with USB connection or wireless Bluetooth.Konftel Ego and 'simple and easy connection to use, intuitive, useful for those who need' of a hands-free station to always carry both by [...]

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