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New Products For February

  • [SL800H PRO]


    by: Siemens

    SL 800H PRO Gigaset

    Gigaset SL800H PRO is Gigaset's smallest cordless Dect business phone. It features a large 2.4 inch TFT color display. And it integrates business functions such as vibration, Bluetooth 4.2, audio profiles and sound quality is HDSP ™. The device also ensures excellent batt

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  • [SL750PRO]


    Gigaset SL 750 PRO

    Il portatile Gigaset SL750H PRO; ripropone la qualita’, e le funzionalita’ tipiche della serie PRO per la comunicazione aziendale. Basta utilizzarlo per rendersi conto di quanto sia completo e funzionale. Il display piu’ ampio, la scocca decisamente piu’ sottile e anche piu’ elegante. Il telefono e dotato della tecnologia [...]

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  • [SL 450]


    Gigaset SL 450 Cordless Dect

    The new Gigaset SL450 and 'a professional cordless Dect differing assembly nice and TFT color display 2.4 "among the most' great all family Gigaset phones and allows you to better manage the heading" extra-large ", up to 500 contacts. A further strength of the Gigaset SL450 and 'high quality' audio with possibilita'di connect earpiece via [...]

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  • Telefono cordless aggiuntivo per Ep 801Plus

      Additional cordless phone to cordless base Ep801 long distance EP801Plus Additional cordless telephone to base Cordless Engenius EP 801 Plus with battery charger This add cordless terminal it must only be used on cordless phone Engenius EP801Plus   Configur

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  • [EP801 Plus]


    by: Engenius

    EP801 plus long range cordless phone

    Cordless phone Engenius EP801 Plus long-distance communication The wireless phone Ep801 Plus provides a wide signal coverage and is the solution to communicate in those working environments where the distance and archittettoniche barriers would block call and 'ideal for construction sites, fairs, large warehouses, companies with buildings of more [...]

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  • [A 510IP]

    Gigaset A510 IP

    A510 Ip Gigaset telefono cordless per telefonate su linee voip e su linea analogica pstn Con Gigaset A510 IP, si ha la possibilità di scegliere se telefonare tramite la linea fissa o VoIP in base alle proprie esigenze. Questo cordless offre la flessibilità di effettuare fino a 3 chiam

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  • Telefono cordless Giga Saiet

    Telefono Cordless GIGA Saiet. Telefono cordless Dect Gap con display / tasti grandi e prestazioni speciali.  

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  • [Repeater]

    Gigaset Repeater

    Signal repeater Gap Gigaset DECT Repeater The Gigaset repeater to be installed within the signal coverage and in turn creates an additional area of the DECT signal coverage, and can install up to six signal boosters if you have the need 'to travel considerable space. Gigaset repeater and compatible with the following models: Gigaset 410 [...]

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Audioconferenza Konftel Ego
Audioconferenza Konftel Ego
€120,78IVA Inc
€119,56IVA Inc