New Products For July

  • Innovation 2.0 smartphone Android, ATEX Dual Sim


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  • Bundle Gigaset SL750PRO con cuffia filare mono TK

    Cordless con cuffia filare monoaurale a cancellazione di rumore. Questa cuffia telefonica professionale monoauricolare e' una ottima soluzione per chi desidera una cuffia professionale abbinata al cordless ad un prezzo veramente competitivo, ovviamente senza rinunciare ad un buona qualita' acustica, un design moderno e un corpo cuffia robusto [...]

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  • [SL750PRO]


    by: Gigaset

    Gigaset SL 750 PRO

    Il portatile Gigaset SL750H PRO; ripropone la qualita’, e le funzionalita’ tipiche della serie PRO per la comunicazione aziendale. Basta utilizzarlo per rendersi conto di quanto sia completo e funzionale. Il display piu’ ampio, la scocca decisamente piu’ sottile e anche piu’ elegante. Il telefono e dotato della tecnologia [...]

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  • Telefono Smartphone ATEX IS730.2

    Smartphone Atex Zone 2: I.Safe IS730.2 The IS730.2 and 'a 4G mobile phone with Android 5.0 operating system Lollipop.Progettato to operate in environments containing gases in the atmosphere and / or explosive dusts Atex Zone 2/22 also meets the IP54 series resistance. This smartphone and 'watertight for 30 minutes to 2 meters [...]

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  • Telefono Gsm Atex iS310.2

    Gsm iS310.2 ATEX The iS310.2 and 'a phone with robust and powerful Android operating system, and' equipped with an SOS button useful for hazardous environments. With the ATEX classification 2/22, the Dualsim function, and IP68 certification (protection against impact, waterproof: 30 min to 2 m diving depth, dustproof: microparticles), and 'ideal [...]

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  • Telefono GSM ATEX CHALLENGER 2.0

    GSM Phone 2.0 ATEX CHALLENGER CHALLENGER 2.0 and 'a GSM mobile phone designed and built specifically to operate in hazardous industrial environments, where legislation and' required to use devices and systems that comply with safety regulations with certification ATEX Zone 2/22, suitable for operation in potentially atmosphere [...]

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  • [Temp180]


    by: Alcatel lucent

    Alcatel Temporis 180

    Alcatel Temporis 180 Telephone Bca color Black Alcatel Temporis 180 and 'a simple and reliable features of the main function' analog phone for professional use: there are buttons for volume control and microphone mute (Mute) during conversations, a Bis key to the reconstruction of ' last number called and lights for incoming calls and [...]

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  • [SL 450]


    by: Gigaset

    Gigaset SL 450 Cordless Dect

    The new Gigaset SL450 and 'a professional cordless Dect differing assembly nice and TFT color display 2.4 "among the most' great all family Gigaset phones and allows you to better manage the heading" extra-large ", up to 500 contacts. A further strength of the Gigaset SL450 and 'high quality' audio with possibilita'di connect earpiece via [...]

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  • Telefono bca Alcatel con cuffia biaurale Ipn

    Telefono con cuffia alcatel temporis 780 abbinato a cuffia biaurale IPN a cancellazione di rumore.  Questo bundle e composto da un telefono bca temporis 780 di Alcatel e una cuffia telefonic

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