• Stampante Usata Epson LX300 perfetta usata pochissimo.  NB Mater

    Stampante Usata Epson LX300 perfetta usata pochissimo. NB Materiale perfettamente funzionante con garanzia 6 mesi. Disponibili anche vari Ribbon Cartridge per Epson LX300 nuovi a richiesta. NB Chiamateci senza impegno al 02-9529214 o scriveteci su : commerciale@teknotlc.it.

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  • Nec Promo telephone system

    Professional Telephone System international Japanese manufacturer Nec with combined professional digital and standard telephones as below, with optional standard implementation on an existing network and systems

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  • Cordless Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Linkvil W611W


    Price €193,98IVA Inc

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  • [SL800H PRO]


    by: Siemens

    SL 800H PRO Gigaset

    Gigaset SL800H PRO is Gigaset's smallest cordless Dect business phone. It features a large 2.4 inch TFT color display. And it integrates business functions such as vibration, Bluetooth 4.2, audio profiles and sou

    Price €141,52IVA Inc

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  • Scheda Interni OpenIp progetto medium

    Scheda 6 interni digitali e 6 interni BCA Promelit progetto Openip Medium perfettamente funzionante testata a laboratorio Garanzia 6 Mesi  

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  • Scheda Voice mail Openip Medium

    Scheda Voicemail per centralino Promelit Progetto Openip scheda funzionante testata a laboratorio Garanzia 6 Mesi   

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  • Scheda CPU Progetto Openip Medium

    Scheda CPU Per centrale Promeilt Progetto OpenIP Medium scheda perfettamente funzionante collaudata a laboratorio Garanzia 6 Mesi 

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  • Armadio Progetto OpeniP Medium

    Armadio base completo di alimentatore Usato Promelit Progetto open ip Vers Medium perfettamente funzionante Garanzia 6 Mesi

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  • [KonftelEgo]


    by: Konftel

    Audioconferenza Konftel Ego

    Konftel Ego and 'the new hands-free device for personal audio conference can be used on fixed and portable devices with USB connection or wireless Bluetooth.Konftel Ego and 'simple and easy connection to use, intuitive, useful for those who need' of a hands-free station to always carry both by [...]

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    Special price €119,56IVA Inc

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